Sunday, October 14, 2007

it's sunday and i wish i were at church. not being able to go KILLS me! but it's all for my baby, right?! (kinda ironic if you think about it....who would have ever thought you'd say "i can't go to church for my child?")

anyway, so far things are okay. the medicine i have to take every 6 hours makes my heart race and makes me shake pretty bad...especially when i eat. but i guess after having zero exercise, any kind of work my body does will make my heart work overtime. so that's great fun!

abigail has been moving quite a bit, which makes me happy. the only real breakdown i've had since i've been home was on friday night when i hadn't felt her in a really long time. i finally felt her and i just lost it completely. i think it's just nerves, really.

i'm really excited about getting my fetal doppler in the next few days! mom rented me one from so we can check in on her whenever we need to. it's the same doppler that my doctor's office uses, so i am really excited about that! once i get it in the mail, i'll try to put her heartbeat up on here for all y'all to hear! :-)

other than that, things are okay. i'm not going stir crazy...yet!! i'm looking forward to my "outing" tomorrow when i get to go to the doctor!!! that'll be a couple hours of "freedom" for me! and hopefully there will be no cervical changes to speak of!!!

until then, here's to laying on my back for 24 hours straight!!!

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Kristina said...

Think about you often, wish you didn't have to go through this. Here's to a healthy baby and a happy momma! :)