Thursday, October 11, 2007

alright! so here's the story:

tuesday night i started bleeding out of nowhere while at dinner. i called the nurse line and she said it was probably nothing to worry about but if i was still anxious in the morning, to come on in. of course i was anxious so i called. i went to the dr's office and sat for over 2 hours while they tried to fit me in. once i finally got checked by the dr, i was told i was 3 cm dialated and needed to be rushed to labor & delivery. (commence jill's freak out here.) i was taken over to L&D and hooked up to 2 monitors and an iv - just in case abigial decided to make her appearance. i was also started on steroids to help her lungs mature rather quickly.

up to this point, i had not been having contractions. this was a positive sign. until 1:15 this morning when i went into labor, having contractions every 3 minutes. it was here i was given 2 shots of some medication i can never remember the name of to stop the contractions. when the dr came to check me this morning, i was still 3 cm, which was good. i hadn't progressed any further dialation even with being thrown into labor. the dr said that if by my 2nd steroid shot at 1pm i still hadn't dialated more, they would send me home on complete bedrest. so when i got my 2nd shot of the steriods for abby's lungs, the dr checked me again and i was only 2 cm!! not sure how that happened, but i'll take it!!!

now i am home and on complete bedrest until abigail is born. this could be anytime now, but we are hoping for at least 30 wks gestation. i'll be 27 wks on saturday, so it's not that far. when i was admitted to L&D i was given an ultrasound to check abby and she weighed in at 2lbs5oz which is really good. even if i deliver her now, she will be fine. she'll have to stay in the NICU for a while but she will make it, barring any unforseen circumstances.

thank you to all who have prayed for me over the past couple days. i have gotten so many calls and emails letting me and robert know of your thoughts and prayers. they are working! my dialation is going backwards and my labor stopped!! that's amazing! so thank you!!!

now i just have to come up with what i am going to do for the next few weeks/months while i am at home alone. i'm not allowed to do anything but be in bed, go to the bathroom, and shower. nothing else. any ideas are VERY welcome!!!!!!!!


JDS said...

We're happy your home and everyone is doing well. I told you get to knittin' we want scarves for Christmas!!;)

Kristina said...

So happy to hear you're out of the hospital and at home. I know you'll get bored out of your mind, and if I could, I'd come visit. Anything I can send to help take up time, let me know. I'd sign up for Netflix ;).

Elizabeth said...

Girl! I had no idea. Glad to hear that you are back at home and not dialating more, at least for the moment. Praying that you make it 3 more weeks. Love ya girl.

Jamie said...

Jill I am praying for you - let me know if you need anything!

Mommakitten said...

I am praying for you girl! I have been in your situation not just a week ago! Your little girl is in good hands, the hands of our mighty God! If you ever need someone to talk to I am here for you honey just to listen to your problems, concerns, tears and laughter. God is good and he will hold your little girls hand through all of this!

Bethany, Billy & Abby said...

Wow! I'm so surprised. I had no idea. I can just imagine your fear and worry when this first started!Do they say why this happened? I guess they didn't find anything wrong right? Well I'm praying for you! Get some rest.