Saturday, June 13, 2009

here are some pics of abby from the past few days. we have been having a good time out and about atlanta!!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

okay, so the past month i've been a horrible, non-existent blogger. i profusely apologize to my few but loyal readers. i'm sure you gave up on me a while back!

i'm writing now but i'm not sure why. there's so much going on in my head but none of it makes any sense and therefore really has no reason being typed out. a lot has happened in this past month and the month ahead is sure to hold even more.

where to begin? i don't even know. not even sure that any of it is worth being put into words. my heart is heavy and broken. i have so many questions that are going to go unanswered for a while. if ever answered at all. my body is failing me/us and i don't know why. i don't understand why or how i could have such a strong desire for something but the means for that fulfillment are not available. again, my heart is heavy.

on the upside, only a few more weeks until my mom gets married!! i can NOT wait for that. i'm speaking during the retirement portion of the service and holy crap, i'm nervous! i'm not a public speaker. maybe i can sing it??? oh no, i'm singing her processional!! people won't want to hear me sing twice!!! okay, so back to speaking. how do you come up with what to say at your mom's retirement/wedding?! how do you decide which stories to use and which to not? here's my challenge for the next few weeks!

another good thing is some good friends of our moved to town this month. both robert and i are VERY excited about this.

abby is growing up too fast. she is starting to sing along with CDs in the car. okay, seriously, when did she get old enough for that?! she's walking/running EVERYWHERE and is just generally into everything. she's beautiful and fabulous and i wouldn't have life without her.

okay, there's a small recap of life since my last post. until next time....