Thursday, January 18, 2007

so here's a recap of my last 24 hours:

last night i was feeling like crap...again. i haven't been able to kick whatever this junk is that's hanging around me. but it has seemed to travel down into my chest - which isn't good. so last night i decided to go to the ER. i couldn't wait and go to the urgent care dr today because i had a test at school that i couldn't miss along with some other things. so ER is the next best thing. so i go. knowing full well that i'm going to be there for a while. while i'm registering my insurance and stuff, the guy who's checking me in decides that i'm a good patient to unload on. so for the next 30 minutes, i get his whole life story about how he's not happy in his marriage and hates his wife but loves his kids so he doesn't know what to do. i'm literally listening to him with my head on the desk b/c i feel so crappy - but this doesn't seem to bother him. while he's in the middle of his life's monologue, the dr calls me back. so 3 hours after i get there, the dr tells me that i have the flu (duh!) and she gives me tylenol with codeine in it because the coughing was absolutely KILLING my chest! she did x-rays as well just to make sure that i didn't have pneumonia. after the x-rays, the codeine starts to kick in. i am laughing hysterically at anything and everything. tears are just pouring down my face. good thing mom was back there with me!!

i get home (well, mom's house) after midnight. but i am wide awake. any drugs that are supposed to put you to sleep (benedryl, tylenol pm, etc) do the exact opposite to me. so not only am i wide awake, i am cracking up hysterically at everything.

i was told not to drive until this afternoon - which takes my 8 AM class out. so i go for my 12:30 class and take my test.

(now comes the interesting part.)

i had an interview at 7pm for a job at PriMerica Financial tonight. yes, a financial company. doesnt' that crack you up??? anyone who knows me knows that money and financial matters are not my strong point by any means. just ask my husband. so it totally cracked me up that they called me to come in for an interview. needless to say, i didnt' accept the job. it wouldn't be right! but it kinda made me feel good to be asked.....

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christina said...

aw :-) i hope you start feeling better soon! how's school going? love to you!