Thursday, January 11, 2007

i am very reflective right now. i have a theory as to why i think this is:

~ there's this guy in the student center, where i am currently located, playing the piano quite well. he's making up whatever he's doing, and it's amazingly beautiful. it's very soft...quiet..."spa-like"...very nice. i think i could sit here the rest of the day and just listen to him play.

who would have thought that my much needed rest would happen in the student center at school?!

so what, then, are my thoughts? well, i'd pay someone if they could tell me exactly what's going on in my head! there's so much right now it's hard to decipher. which is usually the case! but right now, for whatever reason, my head is exploding with thoughts and feelings that i can't quite figure out. i know that part of it is the whole baby thing. and part is the whole school thing. part is the whole house thing. i think there's more, but that's enough for me as it is!!!!!

so, while i have another hour until my class starts, i'll sit here and try to figure the rest out. or maybe just keep listening to this guy play. either way, my head is free to go where it wants...

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christina said...

beautiful!~ (inside and out!)