Monday, June 26, 2006

so we made it back from camp alright. it was a good week being at KT's conservatory. the kids were pretty good. it was fun. the only thing i didnt like was the roadsright outside of camp. i have never been car sick before...until yesterday. the roads coming in made me feel not great but i was able to get out of the car cause we were at camp. leaving camp, however, made me sick. we had to stop in chattanooga for an hour to settle my stomach and then got some dramamine. i've never taken that before....i think it did just enough to allow me to sleep the last 2 hours of the trip. anyway, i'm feeling better today - just scared to eat. happy day.

anyway...john, trish, and jonah are here so that is exciting. my in-laws are on there way here now, too. so this week we'll have a full house. WOO HOOOO!!!

until next time....