Tuesday, June 13, 2006

we got a new car tonight....a 2005 jeep liberty with 20,000 miles on it! WOOHOOOOOO!!! here it is....


Christina said...

ya-hooooo! that's awesome! I have a jeep too! :-) (an '04 grand cherokee) that's sweet.

Sheri said...

wow, i'm pretty sure we're soulmates...after my accident this morning, my rental car just happened to be a jeep liberty!!!

i know i haven't responded to you (about the boy or to say thank you for your great email) but i swear i am going to. bunches to update you on!

Alena said...

Love the pottery too!
God Bless,
(Hey will you be going to dinner with your mom and us on Sunday afternoon?? We would love to see you>>>>)