Saturday, March 11, 2006

Beautiful Day!

so robert is out of town...he went to florida with asburys sasf band. happy day. so since he's out of town, i spent the day with my goddaughters and best friend. i had my pictures taken with amber and ava...they turned out so well!!! i can't wait to get them...when i do, i'll scan them in so everyone can see my beautiful girls!!

being with amber and ava always makes my desire to have children stronger. even when ava throws up on me like she did last week (and for those of you who know me and know my phobia of throwing up, you'll appreciate the hugeness of that statement!) but then i also look at pictures like these:

...and can only imagine how wonderful robert will be as a dad. i can't wait to see him with his own child. you'd think that jonah was his child the way he talks about him and plays with him. i just can't wait to see him with his own baby, rocking him/her or playing with him/her. beyond wanting children, i want that image to become reality. i want my husband to be the father of my children.


i finally got some curtains for our bedroom today. up to this point i've had a lime green crushed velour blanket up as our curtains. (nice mental image, huh?!) we haven't been able to decide on anything we both like, so i just decided to take matters into my own hands. now we have really pretty red/wine curtains hanging. finally something normal!!!

today, i also succumbed to a personal urge that some call an obsession: i got my hair cut again. and it's pretty different. it will take some getting used to, but so far i like it.

i'm ready for my husband to come home. i don't like it when we are apart. it's not so much that i have to be with him...more of a i want to be with him. he makes my life so wonderful...when he's not around, i'm not quite complete. sappy? yes. i know.

alright, i'm out for now. maybe i'll add some more later. we'll see. i know you'll be waiting with baited breath....

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