Friday, March 10, 2006

Trying new things

okay, so i have never put any "thoughts" down on this thing. i've not been one for publishing stuff like that up to this point. was burned by that in the past...although, that turned out to be a good thing in the end. anyway...i think it would be profitable for me to just jot a few things down every once in a while. i'm not sure how many people actually look at my page, but who knows? it could be fun.

for those of you who do look at my page, i have recently updated the skin (obviously - thank you sarah) but now the whole comments link doesn't work. any thoughts???

i've come to the realization that marriage is way better than i expected it to be before i got married. (does that make sense?!) this week, we had the biggest conflict we've had in our relationship so far. it was huge. it wasn't a fight...we just had to work something out that we hadn't before. and while it was hard (especially for me, the emotional one) it showed me just how strong our marriage can be. yes, it takes work. and yes, it's a daily choice. but how incredible that we actually choose each other every day. it amazes me when i stop to think about it. we've been married almost 6 months now. the time has flown by so fast. i feel like we have learned so much, but at the same time still have so much to learn. but how awesome that we get ot do that together! i never thought that i would have the marriage that i do right now. i never thought that i would get a husband who is godly, loving, sensitive, and fair. my prayers have been answered way beyond my wildest dreams in robert. anyway, i'm so happy in my marriage. i guess that's my point.

i have a sad announcment: it's kinda late, yes, but still valid. annie is no longer a part of the snelson household. i miss her quite a bit. but robert had a really hard time with her. and i understand that. she was more than a handful. we even put her in puppy classes which were guaranteed to work....they didn't. so we had to give her back. i tell you: i have no luck with the canine breed. i guess fred will have to offense to him.

but i'm at work so i'll go for now. but look for more in the future. this seems to be theraputic, if nothing else...

[4 hour time lapse]

so i couldn't stand not having the comments thing working right. i finally figured the stupid thing out! and all on my own! WOO HOOOOO!!! i'll pat myself on the back....


snelson's said...

is it working?????

sarah said...

i'm sorry, did you say FRED??????