Thursday, July 03, 2008

WE'RE HOME!! we had a great time in dallas. saw mom's new house (it's beautiful!) and saw some friends! abby got her 2nd tooth and learned how to sit up all by herself!! she's growing up too fast!!!

while we were in dallas, we met lori and brenam for the first time face to face! that was the highlight of the trip for me! lori and i have been friends online since our girls were born. they were both premature -- due 1 day apart but born 8 days apart. so lori and i went through the NICU stuff together. it was awesome to be able to meet her in person finally!!! here are pictures from our time together!


Mommakitten said...

YAY for sitting up! Nate is cutting his bottom 2 teeth right now... so I can't wait to get those pictures up!

Luke & Erin said...

Cute car seat covers!!! Where did you get them from??? (Also, nice pics!) ;-)