Friday, June 20, 2008

well, abby is doing just fine!! the dr said she looks "remarkably well" for sustaining an injury like she had!!! however, she can't fly until tuesday. they don't want them to fly within 2 weeks of head injuries. so abby and i will be flying to dallas on wednesday instead of tomorrow. which gives me a bit more time to do the laundry! ha!!! then we have to take her back in 4 weeks to get one more CT Scan just to make sure that all the fluid (blood, etc) in her head is draining/absorbing properly and that she doesn't end up with hydrocyphalis (sp??). he is not concerned about it -- but it's precautionary. which i appreciate.

so all in all she's doing well!!! thank you, lord!!!

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HI, it's Jessica, erin's did you get your posts to appear on the blog so wide?? all the other layouts I've found (on pyzam) are all the same width, yours are nice bc they fill up the width of the screen. any pointers??