Friday, April 11, 2008


J is for JAMMIES

i thought i'd take a second and pay hommage to jammies. i've always loved my jammies, but now especially they are pretty much what i live in!! so having a comfortable pair of jammies is especially important. i have 2 pair of jammie pants that i particularly love, and coincedentally, they started out as christmas presents to robert. they are, however, now mine. and i LOVE them. one pair i brought to the hospital with me when abigail was born.

but as much as i love my old jammies, there is nothing better than a new pair of fabulous jams!! seriously!!!! getting to crawl in bed with a new, fresh pair of jam pants and a top is probably one of my favorite feelings in the world. and it's one of those that don't get taken for granted since i don't get to buy new jams all that often. and i only hope that i will be able to pass along my love of jammies to abigail!!! they are, afterall, one of the secret joys of womanhood!

so here is my tribute to jammies. :-)

J is for JAMMIES!!!

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