Tuesday, March 04, 2008

2nd post in one day. WOW!!!

today ended up SO much better than yesterday! my dr appt went well, with the exception of high blood pressure due to stress (or so my dr says! and i completely believe her!). after my appt, i walked across the breezeway to see dr ahmed. i've tried 3 times before to see him, but he's never been there. i've heard from nealette that he's been wanting to see abigail, so i thought i'd try again. well, he finally showed up!!!! he was very pleased with how abigail is progressing. he played with her a bit and saw how she can stand with assistance, hold her head up all by herself very well, how she talks to us and mimics facial expressions that we make. he said that she is doing amazingly well. i was SO pleased by that! honestly, i needed to hear that! it seems like everytime i get discouraged in my faith, god comes back and gives me a out-of-the-blue reason to fully trust him. even though we are financially struggling, my daughter is healthy and thriving. and honestly, which is more important? i'd much rather be severely in debt with abigail healthy than to have all the money in the world and her be sick.

lord, forgive my anger. thank you for showing yourself to me today. thank you for taking care of my daughter...and for taking care of my family; even when it seems like we are on our own, we aren't really. we are just on a journey of learning to trust you more. teach me.

abby and dr ahmed


Mommakitten said...

Praying for your journey

Anonymous said...

Your daughter has the greatest facial expressions!! She will be a constant burst of laughter in your life! I love it!! We do need to get together soon!! I'll try to come up the next time that JR has band rehearsals!
Love ya!