Wednesday, February 20, 2008

well, my breastfeeding days are over. completely. i got mastitis again after just 2 weeks of getting over the first round with it. this time was 1000 times worse. so i went to the dr yesterday and apparently abigail has bacterial colonies harboring in her mouth/nose that are causing me to get sick. therefore, i have to give up pumping and/or nursing altogether. obviously i am a complete wreck. i sat in my drs office yesterday absolutely sobbing over the fact that i can no longer feed my child like this. but at the same time, i'm no use to her when i'm this sick and i can't keep getting this sick. at it's highest, my fever was 103.5, my head has been throbbing to the point of i can sit up at all, my whole body aches, and my breasts are so painful that it hurts to wear clothes. and on top of all this, i have to go through the process of drying up my milk. that's no fun either. it's very uncomfortable!

so anyway, things right now are not that great. i'm having a really hard time dealing with this...i am so sick that i can't even take care of my daughter. for the first time in over 24 hrs i'm holding her right now. it's just ridiculous.

so there you go. formula, here we come.


Kristina said...

chin up. abigail will grow and thrive and you will be the best mom regardless of how she eats. praying you feel better in all ways soon.

Mommakitten said...

Praying for a speedy recovery, I know first hand how you feel. You are doing so well! You did everything you could!