Sunday, September 16, 2007

we're home!!! it was a crazy busy weekend! the conference was really good...especially for a first time of doing it ever! i worked my tail off which resulted in an eventful friday evening for robert and me. just suffice it to say that it was probably the most emotional i have been up to this point in my pregnancy. it wasn't pretty! but other than that, things went well. but i'm happy to be home.

the ride back was probably the most enjoyable of the weekend. 1 caravan of 4 cars. car 1 = marty and evelyn. car 2 = lex and amy. car 3 = bernie and darryl. car 4 = me and robert. each car had a walkie-talkie radio. we play trivial pursuit games the ENTIRE way home! it was hysterical! it made the 6+ hours trip seem much shorter!!! so thanks guys!!!!

alright. i'm out. i've got a car seat to figure out and a home to find for TONS of baby clothes!

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