Wednesday, September 12, 2007

this week has been filled with family and friends that we haven't seen in a while! it started out with going to augusta so see robert's dad in the hospital. turns out that he got a good report and will be going home tomorrow. after augusta, we came down to jacksonville to see my grandmother, but took a detour through waycross to see jonathan, amanda, and amelia. here are pictures from that stop. (amanda, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the clothes!!)

we've been with manamana (my grandmother) today and will leave to go to keystone tomorrow for this conference. it's been a nice week to relax.

here is the most recent picture of my ever-expanding belly:

it's so wierd to think that i'm only a week and a half away from my 3rd trimester! i've been saying all along that i'm ready for abigail to come....but now i'm getting a little nervous!! she's been moving a lot --- last night she decided to have her own disco party as soon as i laid down for bed and proceeded to literally dance the night away! lovely. it is at those times that i have to remind myself that she doesn't know that she's keeping mommy up! (or does she...??) :-)

erin, i miss you!!!!!!


Kristina said...

Look at your belly! :)
Glad you're having a good week. Jealous you get to go to Keystone. I miss that place, it makes me feel 12 again whenever I get to go. Have a safe trip home!

Bethany, Billy & Abby said...

I've been waiting for you to come online to see if you had a name picked out...So is it Abigail?!? What a lovely name!! I love it! Abby's name is Abigail Hope =D

Bethany, Billy & Abby said...

Abigail Grace, even better! My middle name is Grace!!! lol

sarah jewett clarke said...

holy smokes! there's a baby in there!