Tuesday, September 25, 2007

so today has been a wierd day. i felt good most of the day...until i got home. then i started having wierd feelings in my stomach. not quite sick, but not feeling real great, either!

i went to the dr today. had a good check-up! i have gained 7 lbs since my last appt, so my dr is really happy! they are saying i am right on track to gain 25lbs total. that would be good! abigail is doing well. she's already being hard-headed: she ALWAYS hides when the dr looks for her heartbeat. well, today she did a great job of hiding. it literally took 6 minutes for the dr to find her!! she said, "uh, jill, do you think you could get your daughter to be still long enough for me to find her?!?"
i am just thinging to myself, "self, it's starting already!! you're gonna have your hands full!!" but all in all it was a good appt.

we start childbirth classes on monday. that should be fun. every monday night for the next 3 weeks we'll be learning how to breathe, what exercises to do, how to lay, when to call the dr, when NOT to call the dr, what robert can do to help me and NOT get killed (or at least severely hurt!), how to relax (ha! that would be good for me in labor or not!), what pain medications are available and which are good, and so much more!! all for the bargain price of $100. i'm excited. and scared. and nervous. should be interesting.

i went to an interview today and got a job. a part-time job. a VERY part-time job. keeping 2 boys (2 & 4) on thursdays. the family lives 3 miles away from me. that's nice. i've been looking for a job since TMI...do you know how hard it is to get something when you're pregnant?! it's pretty hard!

the jeep is selling. i cried. that's all i have to say about that.

i am working on a HUGE project that i am hoping will work. it's bigger than anything i have ever done in my life! i am praying that this is something the lord is opening doors for, but the leg work on it is crazy! if i can pull it off, i'll be able to do exactly what i want where i want. but it'll be a while before it happens. that's a prayer request to add to your list.

alright. i'm exhausted. i need to go sleep. that's one the that i don't do well anymore. not that i ever did. but especially now. sleep is a rare commodity. but before i go, i'll leave you with a picture of the AWESOME crib bedding set that aunt erin bought for abigail the other day...(thank you aunt erin!!!!)

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Kristina said...

Emily would kick the ultra-sound wand every time. :)
Be prepared (or, prepare Robert)for the child-birth video....
Love the bedding, too cute!