Monday, September 24, 2007

married for 2 years today! now a baby on the way!
wow. who'd'a thunk?!?

happy anniversary, honey!!

10 things i've learned from 2 years of marriage:

1. i've learned to be silly together. don't be afraid to sing stupid songs you sang as a kid even though your husband is looking at you like you have lost your mind. it makes for great road trips!

2. i've learned that going into your wedding day, there are lots of experiences that both of you bring to the table that make up who you are individually. you have a choice on what to make of the experiences that your spouse had as well as the ones you had. are they completely in the past? if so, leave them there. (trust me, it's harder said than done!)

3. i've learned that conflict can be good. even though i really hate it.

4. i've learned that no matter what happens in your day to day lives, it's ALWAYS better with your spouse.

5. i've learned that i take up way more of the bed than i ever thought i did!

6. i've learned that my husband doesn't need as much much of the bed as he says he does!!

7. i've learned that it's possible to trust my husbands words and actions of love as a true, honest expression of his love for me.

8. i've learned that laughing together and "wrastling" can make a bad day a million times better!

9. i've learned that the simple times of laying in the hammock or talking on the bed make for fabulous conversations.

10. i've learned that even though i am wild and crazy at times, my husband loves me all the more for it. or in spite of it. whichever, i'm loved!!!


Luke & Erin said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary!

Luke & Erin said...

aww...I missed those the first time I saw your blog.

Kristina said...

Happy Anniversary!
Ain't love grand?

sarah jewett clarke said...

happy anniversary!!!