Friday, June 29, 2007

well, i'm home alone this weekend. mom and robert are out of town. i hate it. happy day.

i have not been feeling well this week at all -- very dizzy/disoriented, cramping, and mad headaches. so i went to the doctor yesterday...freaking out that something was wrong. i got there and they told me that my blood pressure is dropping. that is causing all this dizziness and such. i was very worried about the baby, so when i heard the heartbeat (after the dr took forever to find it), i completely lost it and cried like a baby! worse than when we saw the baby for the first time on the first ultrasound! but it was just such a relief to hear that and know that my child is fine...and apparently doesn't really care much about how i'm feeling!!! so while he didn't put me on bedrest, he did say that i have to take it very easy. which means that i can't go to the house this weekend and pack and clean. that is so frustrating. but at this point it's more important to keep me and the baby healthy.

so here's to this weekend...alone. unless erin calls telling me she's gone into labor. her appt today brought news of 2 cm, 70% effaced. WOOOHOOOOO!!! andrew should be here soon!!!!!!!

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Luke & Erin said...

Here's to hoping you'll feel better soon. :-( Poor Jill!