Tuesday, June 19, 2007

today has been absolutely exhausting and overwhelming! we listed the house this morning which was good, but also quite overwhelming because of the amount of work that goes into selling a house. packing, cleaning, getting things together and moved is just more than i can think about right now. i am so tired and easily exhausted right now that it just makes me tired to think about it!

my neighbor came over and took some stuff today and they are coming back tonight with their truck to get some more stuff. that helps them and me: the less i have to deal with the better!!

oscar is taken care of. we can't take him with us on our move so jonathan and amanda are taking him. i am really happy about that. i don't want to give him away but since i don't have a choice, i'm glad that he's going to really good friends who i know will take care of him.

erin is coming over tonight which i am VERY excited about. i feel like i havent' seen her in forever! it'll be good to see her and the girls for a bit.

i didn't sleep last night at all. i literally just laid in bed awake all night. not sick. not anything. just not sleeping. utterly frustrating!

so now i am going to take a nap before robert, erin, and the girls get here. lovely.


Kristina R said...

I'm sorry you're having to give up your dog, but I know you're move is for the best. I hope you're able to get everything done without wearing yourself out. :)

Luke & Erin said...

Thanks for dinner last night. And entertaining me while Luke was working late! Anytime you need help packing, you know who to call! :-)