Monday, June 18, 2007

i've been feeling so much better the past 2 days!!! almost like my old non-pregnant self! (knock on wood) up to this point, come 8pm, i've been wasted with really bad indigestion. but the past 2 nights i've felt really good with NO indigestion! i'm very happy about that!

i went to pick up my last check from work tonight. that was interesting. i no longer work for them and anakin is in daycare. not completely sure how i feel about it all. part of me is relieved that i'll have a chance to get my house done and moved, etc and part of me is upset that i won't be with the kids anymore. oh well. c'est la vie.

it looks like i'll be going to the music dept again this year to help out with TMI prep stuff which i am SO excited about! so the money that we thought we lost by me not working anymore is not really lost! just coming from a new place. thank you, lord! we need it!!!

when we were coming home, our neighbors were out in their yard so we stopped to talk a second. they just bought a new house in snellville so they aren't our neighbors anymore, but they are cool. rocky, the husband/dad, was doing some last minute stuff to the house and yard before he had to turn his keys in, so his wife and kids came over to hang out for a bit. it was nice to sit and talk with her a little. she's really funny! and, robert was able to borrow their lawnmower (since he broke ours) and get our lawn mowed before susan comes to take pictures of the house tomorrow for our listing. so that was really nice!!!

but now it's 10:30 and i'm getting sleepy. so goodnight, blogosphere.

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