Tuesday, May 15, 2007

today has been - by far - the worst pregnant day to this point. i feel horrible. i am absolutely wasted. in the morning and afternoon, i can barely keep my eyes open. but between 5 -9, i have a TON of energy...then i drop again. and i feel like the world's biggest witch (i'd say other words but my husband will inevitably read this). i don't mean to feel this way but i can't help it! i just feel so mean! but not at any one person in particular. just in general. luckily, anakin has been clingy and wants to cuddle at the house a lot, so that helps. (and i realize that sounds sarcastic but it isn't. it's the absolute truth!) i get some loves in during the day! i had a pb&j sandwich for lunch at the park with anakin and almost threw it up. but it tasted fine. what the heck is that? it's just crazy.

i'm ready for thursday when i get to see our baby's heartbeat and find out exactly how far along i really am and when (better ballpark figures) to expect this little person. i am also ready to ask for anti-nausea meds. zofran, phenegren, etc. any will do. just something to keep me from being, feeling, acting sick. anything. and i don't care how much it costs, either!

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