Sunday, May 20, 2007

so yesterday i had a haircutting fiasco. i went to get my haircut once i got to augusta. i've done this before. never had a problem. but yesterday, i went and the lady was HORRIBLE!! first of all, she didnt' say 2 words to me. the time it took from sitting down in her chair to getting up was a whopping 8 minutes. she used no products or anything. and when i say it was a bad cut, it was worse than bad! literally, i looked like a teenage skateboarder high shcool boy. it was awful. i got up and walked out without paying. i was so mad.

so i called my cousin who lives here in augusta and asked for some other place to go. she gave me a number. i called. they were completely booked. but they gave me the number to a spa/salon place. i call them. (knowing my entire wad of money is now going down the drain but i REFUSE to walk around the way i was.) they were able to fit me in.

i get there. the girl looks at me and says, "what did she do???" my thoughts exactly. since the first lady cut it even shorter than it already was, there wasn't much the hair-saver could do. but she did manage to make it look more feminine. (thank you so much!!!) so now i have incredibly short hair. even short for me. i don't really like the cut much. but it's at least better than what it was from the first stupid lady.

i'm counting on my prenatals (aka - flintstone gummies and folic acid) to do their thing and make my hair grow!!!

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