Friday, May 18, 2007

so today i got into an accident on the way home. someone rear-ended me getting onto north druid hills. she didn't mess up my car, but she hurt hers pretty badly. and since i was looking to the left to try to merge onto ndh rd, my neck whiplashed funny. now i have a headache and my neck hurts. i called my ob/gyn just to make sure everything was okay with the baby...she said it was. whew!!!

then, once that was over and robert and i were on our way home, we were listening to the dave ramsey show. i like it when people call in and they do their "WE'RE DEBT FREE" screams....but today was special! this one family called in having paid off about 46,000 in 10 months. their boys (8 & 9) were on the phone with them when they screamed. and can i just tell you that when they did, i started crying?!? which, in turn, made me laugh because here i am crying at the dave ramsey show.

yeah. i'm pregnant.


Curtis & Maggie said...

Wow- glad you and baby are ok!!

Kristina said...

glad you're ok!
I tell you, I'd be the one crying tears of joy if I could say "we're debt free". :)

Elizabeth said...

It was good to see you Friday. I am glad everything turned out okay. Love ya girl.