Tuesday, February 27, 2007

first full day of "work" today. the only thing that sucks about this job is that i have to be there at 6:30 AM!!! did you catch that?! those of you who know me....that's just not a pretty sight. it was painful last night when i had to set my alarm for 5:50 AM. wow. and i have to do that every day!!!

but however painful or crazy that time in the morning is, i had a great day with the kids! they are very well-behaved kids - very polite and considerate. they, for the most part, listen very well. (they are 2 and 5, afterall!) but it's just so great to be back doing what i love to do. and i love that this family is so open and so much like my family. that makes it so nice. i have felt so comfortable with them from the beginning. it's funny, because when i decided to try for this "nanny thing," i was afraid that i would get a family that was stuffy or strict or crazy somehow. but this is a great family that i could see myself getting very used to!!!

so my day today was great! anakin and i spent most of the day outside - it was 70 degrees out! (what's the deal with that?? it's freakin february! not that i'm complaining...). i went and got sidewalk chalk for them and drew about 10 train tracks for him...he loves trains. then after i picked jalynne up from school, we went to the park for 1 1/2 hours. it was so nice to be outside. fresh air...a bzillion kids...my kind of place!!!!

anyway, i promise that i won't only write about these guys from now on....i'm just still blown away by just how perfect this set up is! it's amazing to me....

but now i'm tired. absolutely exhausted!! sleepy time is just around the corner -- and it's only 8:30! but 5:50am comes quite early....so here's to good sleep tonight! :-)

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