Tuesday, December 05, 2006

tonight was "snelson family christmas shopping night" here in lilburn. robert and i went to costco for one particular gift in mind and came out with about 7. it was fabulous! we have amelia tonight, which presented challenges of its own: she's sick. she's doing better - which is the only reason i took her out.. well, that and she was sleeping like mad!! she slept for 4 hours straight! i couldn't believe she slept so much. hopefully she'll sleep tonight! otherwise, i'm up all night!

anyway. i digress. we went christmas shopping. at costco. now, i would have never in my life thought of costco as a christmas shopping place. but holy cow! it's packed with some really cool stuff!!! my favorite find of the night? a complete kit for making a really big gingerbread house!!! i got it for amber and ava. i can't wait to do it!!!!

well, i'm out. i've got a 4 month old waiting laughing at me!

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