Monday, December 11, 2006

let me take a moment to lament the stupid people of our world.

we are selling our house. while it's an exciting time with new adventures, it has it's stresses. today, i got a call from an agent from coldwell banker saying that they were going to bring a couple by to look at the house in the next 2 hours. so i get to cleaning so that my house looked presentable.

an hour goes by....
another hour goes by....
yet another hour goes by....

by this point, i'm getting frustrated that i haven't heard from or seen these people. so i called the agents office to see if they were still coming. he doesn't answer.

i call again. no answer. answer.

finally i get the agent and he says, "oh, right, they decided to not see your house today. actually, they took it off their list because it doesn't have a basement."

okay. here's the deal. the agent should have called to tell me they weren't coming. stupid man. and on our listing it says nothing about a basement! so if they are looking at it, why would they make this one on their list if it doesn't have a basement?! again, stupid people.

just venting the stresses of selling a house.

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