Wednesday, August 23, 2006

good day.

spent the day with sheri. it was nice to just hang out and talk. we put her new bed together -- great fun! two smart women working with power tools. can't beat it!!!

i met the infamous ryan. seems like a nice guy! [you hurt her = i kill you! :-)] just kidding....halfway. i had the same discussion with jeff. ask him about it. it was funny!!!

anyway, it was a good day. now i'm off to spend the evening with my husband. one of the last few before the dreaded russia trip....i'm freaking out!!!! but video games always make the evening fun!!!!!!

good day.


Donna Harris said...

Hey Jill!

I'm glad to hear that you had a nice day. :)

No worries about TMI 2005... I remember my sister before she got married. I totally understand.

To answer your question from the other day, I'm sure that I found your site through a friend of a friend (of a friend?) and all the wonderful links that said friends post on their own blogs. It helps me in touch with what's happening in my "other territory"!

Anyway, take care!

Sheri said...

i had a great day too! thanks, again, for all your help. i'm so glad we'll have the chance to hang out more!!! hope you're having a great weekend!