Wednesday, April 05, 2006

just stuff

so i've got a sinus infection and bronchitis. yeah - having allergies sucks. i was tested in november for allergies and it turned out that i am allergic to everything: literally. every pollen, every weed, every tree, every mold but 1 (but who can tell the difference) cats, dogs, and even cockroaches. so because of this, i get sick ALL THE TIME! it's so annoying. this time it was because of our house remodeling...the bathroom was FULL of mold. so now here i am..sick. yay...anyway - here are a few pictures of our bathroom. this is what has made me sick!!!!

...just an update on the bathroom: all the floor is up and the tiles in the shower are gone. half of the wall has been ripped out. [we had to check for mold.] our flooring should be in on friday. we have the tile for the shower, we just need the accented ones. hopefully it will be up soon...i'll post pictures when it's done -- assuming it looks good!!!

so i've got some stuff going on that i can't really get into on here...but am just asking for prayer. i know it is so annoying when people do that "i know something but i can't tell you" stuff, but seriously, i need some prayer. prayer for patience, understanding, and courage to accept whatever God decides to do here.

oh - and by the way - i changed my xanga site....i messed up the other one someone. so now is

more later -- i have a huge mailing going on at work.

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Anonymous said...

sunglasses in the bathroom? you all have a mess! i didn't realize it was that bad!