Tuesday, March 14, 2006

so i've got an appointment with the ORTHODONTIST on march 27....yes, i did say the braces doctor!!!!! i've been thinking about getting them again for a while. i had them back in 6th grade but never wore my retainer...therefore my teeth are back to where they were. well, not quite as bad as they were, but almost! anyway, i've got a consult with the dr on the 27th...we'll see how it goes. i'm NOT going to get the bracket kind...if i do this, invisaline is what i'm going with. that's what i'm going to talk to him about -- to see if that will work. then i'll get the permanent retainer so i don't have to go through this again.

just the thought of getting braces again is kinda scary --- welcome back to junior high! but it's all in the name of beauty! (whatever....)

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