Monday, March 27, 2006

house demolition

robert brought these home for me today...

in other news, our hopes of remodeling our master bathroom have been thrown out the window. we came home today to our front bathrooms toilet's not only leaking, though. it has caused the carpet in our bedroom to be soaked with water. there is not only water there; oh no! there's mold as well!! both robert and i are allergic to mold (thus my migraine on thursday!!!) so we have no choice but to recarpet. there are 2 good things in this: 1) our tax refund comes on friday. (excellent timing, god!!!!! thanks!) and 2) we get new carpet! our carpet isn't really the best. so the empire today people are coming to the house tomorrow so we can chat and see how much this is going to set us back. if its not too expensive, we are going to re-floor the whole house: hardwood in the living room/dining room/kitchen/hallway/bar/entry way and carpet in the 3 bedrooms. as for the front bathroom, we are going to replace the toilet and retile. yes, this is going to cost some cash....but hey --- it's the life of a homeowner! (happy day....)

anyway, here are some pictures of our mold-infested floors!

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