Tuesday, April 07, 2009

robert and i went to a concert tonight that Atlanta Temple Band and the Georgia Brass Band put on at at the corps. we were planning on taking abby but our good friends, jonathan and amanda, volunteered to keep her at our house instead. i thought that was a better idea than taking her because a) there was no nursery and b) the concert didn't start until 8. (whoever came up with that brilliant idea obviously has no children!)

anyway, jonathan and amanda stayed here with their 2 and abby. they not only bathed abby and put her to bed, when we walked in, our house was IMMACULATE! amanda had spent the evening CLEANING MY HOUSE!! i was blown away!! i have to say that it's so nice coming home to a really clean house. i mean, i keep my house as clean as i can, but with 3 kids all day, it's hard to be clean like this! half the time i go to bed with some dishes in the sink and a floor that needs to be swept. but NOT TONIGHT!!!!


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