Monday, March 09, 2009

anyone want to explain to me why my child is all of a sudden not wanting to sleep at night? or at naps? she used to go down right away, no fights. but the past couple of weeks or so she fights me. last night she didn't go to sleep until 10:30. the night before that it was 1! seriously, what happened to my great-sleeper?!!?!?

i'm going to dallas on thursday to spend some time with mom for a week. maybe i can catch up on sleep then. well, maybe not - we'll be wedding planning all week (woo hoo!!!!!) so sleep might not be an option. i can't wait to go be "girly" with mom and do some real planning for her big day! it's really cool being on this side of things - usually it's the mom helping the daughter...but it's the ole switcharoo this time and i'm excited about it! i need to buy a matron-of-honor dress while i'm out there too...

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