Saturday, January 03, 2009

i just realized i havent' updated about our vacation. well, vacation is relative. i don't think moms really get a vacation.

abby was wonderful, as usual. but bless her heart, there were so many faces that she didn't know and i think she just got over-stimulated. but she did well!

we spent almost 2 weeks at robert's parents house. john and trish came with the boys. that was fabulous! jonah's getting so big and peter is a butterball. i love it!

i was most excited to give robert his christmas present...which i was sure i was going to get in trouble for. but doesn't every 30-something guy NEED an xbox360? especially when their 30-something friends who live in other states have one? i mean, come on. really. i had to do it. i'm sure i'll regret that decision one day. probably soon. or so my sister-in-law tells me!

i spent my days (when not playing mama) knitting. i got quite a bit accomplished, too! finished a couple custom slots AND managed to get a top done for abby. but now my customs list is even bigger and i'm not sure when i'm going to get it all done! my store is having its grand opening on feb 11 so i gotta kick my tail into high gear to get it all done.

in other news, or not so other news, i've become totally obsessed with wool yarn. so if anyone is ever needing to buy me anything, wool yarn is a good thing. especially yarn from hyena cart. just thought i'd throw that out there.

well, that just about wraps things up for now. i'll post pics later, but abby is calling for me. see? moms don't get vacation!


Becky said...

I know about the "vacations" I refuse to call them that anymore. We go on "trips" because vacations they are not. lol
Did you get him an XBL account to go with his 360? because if you did your should get on it and play uno with me. ;)

Kristina said...

tell me more about this store of yours!