Saturday, November 08, 2008

i've been tagged by becky. here goes:

I am -- quite content where i am right now
I want -- more children
I have -- a beautiful family who i love
I wish -- i had more money so my husband wouldn't be so stressed and i could buy as many diapers and wool as i want!
I dislike -- politics
I fear -- throwing up. but i'm getting better!
I hear -- my aunt getting ready for our family pictures
I search -- my heart frequently these days
I wonder -- how abigail will turn out as a teenager
I always -- check the mail
I usually -- get up with abigail
I am not -- a cook. sometimes i wish i cooked for my family, but i'm just not good at it! and robert likes doing it.
I dance -- only when playing with abby by myself. trust me. you do NOT want to see!
I sing -- constantly.
I never -- go grocery shopping. it's not a good thing to send me to any grocery store.
I rarely -- stay in bed past 7:30
I cry -- when i am angry.
I am not always -- the most forgiving person
I lose -- my keys in my diaper bag everyday
I'm confused -- about a lot of things. but that goes back to me searching my heart fairly frequently these days!
I need -- christ
I should -- be cleaning since abby's party is tomorrow
I dream -- in color.
I love -- my family. i couldn't ask for a better husband and my daughter is my life

i tag erin, sarah, kristina, and kat.


sarah jewett clarke said...

heart searching is good.

i did it on my facebook.


Anonymous said...

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