Saturday, September 20, 2008

so like my previous entry said, i'm TRYING to learn to knit. at this point in time i'm very discouraged with it. i have no idea how to read patterns or do any of the "techniques" that you have to do. i'm not good at learning anything from just reading about it - i'm a visual learner. i need someone to SHOW me how to do it! erin has graciously offered her services as expert knitter (!!!!) but getting together to do actually do it is hard! we live forever away and with gas prices the way they are, neither of us can afford to go anywhere! (stupid gas!)

but i guess in reality i'm not really discouraged about the knitting per se. i'm really discouraged with a lot of things right now. knitting is just getting the brunt of it. but the biggest thing is that i am about to take my mom to the airport to move to dallas for real this time and i'm having a really rough go with that. when she left for europe earlier this summer it wasn't that bad b/c she wasn't "moving" then. but today when she leaves, she isn't coming back. i know there are those out there that would say (and have said, thank you very much for your insensitivity) "get your own life, jill" but what you don't understand is the closeness that my mother and i share and how we have NEVER lived more than 4 hours apart from each other. throw abigail into the mix and it makes for an even harder move. we all lived together for the first 6 months of abigail's life and now her grandmother is moving 12 hours away and won't be around on a daily basis. that's hard for me to swallow.

i guess i'm just wallowing in my own self-pity right now. arent' we all allowed that from time to time? even if we aren't, i'm taking license anyway.


adw1403 said...

Hang in there Jill! Andgood luck with the knitting! My m-i-l bought me a sewing machine 5, that's right, FIVE years ago for my bday. I've never used it! I too ama visual learner. I'd like to take sewing classes. Who has time for that?!

Anonymous said...

You take as long as you need to be sad about your mom moving. My parent got moved and Matt's parents moved right before we had Emily and it was heartbreaking not having them around to see her (and me) and watch her reach those milestones. Chin up. :)