Sunday, June 01, 2008

i've had a lot of questions or curiosity about why and how i use cloth diapers with abigail. i'm going to explain a bit, but before i do i want to make it clear that i'm not doing this to step on anyone's toes or say disposables are bad or anything like that. i've just been asked a lot and i'm answering those who have asked. plus i just like talking about them. if you have an issue with whatever my reasons are, sorry. so here goes:

the first time i thought about cloth was when i was pregnant and katie showed me how to use them with brett. i thought the idea was kinda wierd but hey, it was cool! when abby was born, we had so many people give us diapers that i couldn't buy any cloth ones because we had SO MANY diapers as it was. well, about a month and a half ago or so, i decided that i really wanted to make the move to cloth. i borrowed some of katie's to find brands and types that i liked and jumped in with both feet.

why? you ask. well a bunch of reasons.

1. going with cloth was going to be a lot cheaper in the long run. sure it would be a lot to start with, but considering that abigail will be in diapers for at least 2 years, buying once and washing saves a TON as opposed to buying once a week and throwing away. yes it's more work, but i stay at home with her anyway so i've got the time. and honestly, i LOVE doing my diaper laundry. there's just something about it that's fun.

2. it's better for abigail. there are chemicals and such in disposable diapers that are not good for her. don't misread me: i'm not trying to step on anyone's toes or say that disposable diapers are horrible, but for me, i choose cloth.

3. they are better for the environment. i've never considered myself a "green" person. believe me! but since i started cloth diapering, i've realized just how wasteful things can be! it takes 500+ years for 1 disposable diaper to "decompose" (or whatever they do) in a landfill. that's quite a long time!!! with cloth, i don't have to worry about that! i just wash and the water gets treated as it should. so it really helps the environment quite a bit.

4. they are just so darn cute!! honestly, diaper changes are now so much more fun just because i can pick a diaper to match an outfit, or one that matches her (or my) mood. it's just fun! different patterns, different colors, different brands. you don't get that with disposables.

i have NEVER bought a new cloth diaper. i buy all of them used at which is basically a forum where you can buy/sell/trade cloth diapers and everything you ever need to cloth diapers. that has helped keep my costs down A LOT! up to this point i've used Fuzzi Bunz almost exclusively. i love FBs. they are great. easy as disposables to change but oh so cute! however, i've recently decided to change my entire stash to Blueberry's OneSize so that i really can go all the way to her potty training days with the same diapers. and i just LOVE blueberry's. seriously. WAAAAAY more than FBs.

so that's my story. if you're interested, visit or or for more information about cloth diapers.


Autumn said...

I love your reasons! They sound just like mine :) I'm naturalbirthmama on diaperswappers, be sure and say hi b/c now I want to know who you are lol.

And don't feel like you have to make a disclaimer before you talk about cloth diapers 1) it's your blog :P and 2) disposables are bad. The chemicals are beyond horrifying, they are a landfill nightmare, and they are expensive. I like the convenience of my Sonic Rootbeer but I know it's bad! Convenience doesn't = good ;)

jill said...

Hi mama! I saw the link to your blog from diaperswappers. I agree with so much of what you said... especially how amazing BBs are!! :)

AND I'm so sorry about your LO - I'll keep her in my prayers! Your post broke my little mommy heart - I hate those slow motion moments.