Thursday, April 17, 2008


P is for PINK

i've never been a girly girl. ever. in fact, growing up i played more with baseball cards and hot wheels than barbies and stuff like that. i'm just not a girly girl. so having a girl is kinda scary. right now i own more pink crap than i care to, really. pink is the obligatory gift color for girls. don't get me wrong -- i'll NEVER turn down gifts! but it seriously looks like our room (which is also abigail's room) has thrown up pink!

but here's the kicker: i find myself buying pink things for her! not because i like pink - cause i don't! but more b/c that's all there is, really! my favorite color (GREEN!!!) is always in boy stuff! unless, of course, it's paired with pink! so i find myself buying a lot of pink things for her. does that make me a hypocrite??!

P is for Pink!

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