Saturday, April 12, 2008

okay. i have no K. i'm tired and it's late. i've been running all day. i'm a slacker, i know, but at least i posted SOMETHING!!!! :-)

abby found that her hands work today!! we've been working on this for WEEKS b/c the pediatrician told me that this was one area she's behind in. but, seeing as today is her 3 month adjusted birtday (she was due 3 months ago today), i think she's doing well. here's a video of it --- sorry it's cockeyed...i forgot i can't flip the videos rightside up like i can pictures!


Luke & Erin said...

too cute!!! she's doing so well! go abby!

Mommakitten said...

YAY ABBY! Our boys are just now starting to use their hands... they are slowly but surely getting the hang of it.