Monday, April 07, 2008


F is for Forgetfulness

so abby had an appt at a travel clinic today to check about some shots that she may need for a trip we are taking this summer. when i made the appt, i forgot to write down the name and number for the dr. so this morning i was frantically searching for where this drs office was! i finally found it at 9:00. her appt was at 9:30...on howell mill rd. there's NO WAY we're making it! so i was praying that they wouldn't charge me a "no show" fee....thankfully they just changed my appt to later on in the month.

seriously, sometimes i feel like i'm losing my mind! what kind of idiot doesn't write down the name and number of a drs office they've never been to before?!

F is for Forgetfulness!!

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