Saturday, April 05, 2008


"D" is for Dog.

i miss having a dog. i know that i've had some issues with acquiring and keeping a dog, but oscar was good! but i really miss having a dog. we can't have one while we are in mom's house, but when we move out i'd really like to get one. robert says we can't get another dog ever because he's allergic to them, but so am i. so i really have a hard time accepting that excuse. i've always had a dog, from the time i was 5. we had buster (a pekingnese) for like 9 years. he was a great dog.

anyway, i really miss having a dog. i want another one when we move out. just a small one. nothing huge. just maybe a shih tzu or a chihuahua. and i think that every child should have a dog growing up. so that means abby should have one.

i know that i've not had the best track record with dogs, but i'm still petitioning to get one when we move out. "where there's a will, there's a way" right!?

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