Sunday, March 30, 2008

home, sweet, home!!!

we had a FABULOUS time with leon, carlene, and their 5 million kids! (okay, just 4, but it might as well be 5 million!!!) it was great to see leon again and great to meet carlene (finally) and the kids. abigail did AMAZINGLY well on the 8 hr car ride. i honestly couldn't believe how well she did!! not one peep from her on the whole way up! on the way home she started fussing at north druid hills. i mean, seriously, you can't ask for better!!!

but, we were in kentucky, which means one thing:

all in all, a FABULOUS weekend!

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Mommakitten said...

mmmmm ALE 8, we get that everytime we are doen in KY at Red River Gorge <3