Sunday, February 03, 2008

the good, the bad, and the ugly

the good: got a nice getaway
the bad: got mastitis
the ugly: my left boob
well, i'm back (did you notice i was gone?!). i VERY unexpectedly went to florida on friday with my mom. her plane left at 1:30 and i got my ticket at 10:30! abby and i decided to go with her for the weekend. thought it would be a nice getaway for me since robert had to work this weekend anyway! we had a great time down there despite one minor (okay, MAJOR) problem: i got mastitis. and it's NASTY! last night (while still in florida, mind you) starting at 9:30, i got horrible fever, chills, massive body aches everywhere, throbbing head, and terribly painful left boob with a nice HUGE hot red spot on the underside of it. it KILLS to pump. in fact, i'm sitting here in tears b/c it hurts so much. i am now on antibiotics and am hoping - praying - that the pain goes away. the fever, chills, throbbing head doesn't bother me so much. it's this freakin pain!!!
anyway, went to florida. shocked the crap out of Brenda - she had no idea i was coming and bringing the baby. she about fell out of her seat when she saw me at the airport!! it was priceless!!!! i had no internet while i was there so i was going through serious withdrawl symptoms - especially at 4 last night when i was up not sleeping b/c of the pain!!
abby did a FANTASTIC job on the plane. i was really nervous about having her around that many people but i can't keep her in a bubble forever and her dr said she could be out about 2 weeks ago. so we tried it. and she did great!! mommy, on the other hand, was a nervous wreck!!
but we're back and now i'm ready to crawl under the covers and sleep the night away. i'm in horrible pain (did i mention that already?) and i want to sleep it off!!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the boob!! I'd give ya mine if I could, but that would be akward....;)Buuut anyway!! Had to leave Amelia with nanny and gramps for officer's councils!! I'm missing her like crazy!! Councils is always fun though....Besides the sitting in meetings part. We are going to St. Augustine, I'll have to take tons of pictures!!
Miss you!!
Love ya! Amanda

Luke & Erin said...

I'm a mastitis veteran, you know that. It sucks in no small way. Hope you're feeling better!