Tuesday, January 29, 2008

well, i've done something that i swore i'd never do. it seems that we have turned into a "co-sleeping family." lately abigail has flat out refused to sleep in her crib and she's too long for her bassinet. she would cry and cry until 5 am most nights unless and until she came into bed with us. this went on for a long time (too long) and we were getting ZERO sleep. i was determined that she was NOT going to sleep in the bed with us...that just asks for trouble later, right?! well, no. not necessarily. i started doing a lot of research and found that co-sleeping would actually be medically and developmentally beneficial to her...for a time. not until she's 3, but for a time. so we bought a co-sleeper and she seems to be doing really well in it. she can see me if she wakes up because she's touching my bed. if i need to, i can pull her in bed with me, which is handy: i don't have to get out of bed. we've had 2 nights of good sleep (relatively speaking. how good of sleep do you really get with an infant?!) and i'm hoping that this new purchase will lead to more and more good nights' sleep.


Anonymous said...

I was seriously thinking about purchasing of those when we have another baby. Now I know it works!! Glad you're getting more sleep!! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Yay for more sleep! elizabeth