Wednesday, December 05, 2007

i know i haven't posted on here in a while. and even this post is mainly a copy of what i've already done elsewhere. but i am asking for prayer for abigail. things are pretty rough for her (and us) right now. i copied my journal entry from last night (from her website) so that you can know a little better how to pray. i do understand that there are those of you out there who don't care (no, those comments are not forgotten) and if that is you, just ignore this post. but for those of you who do care - and i KNOW that's a lot of you!!! - please take a minute and read this then pray for abigail. she is really needing prayers right now! thank you!!!

well, today was filled with much anxiety, nervousness, and freaking out! i called this morning to let abigail's nurse know that i was on my way and asked how abigail was doing. she says to me "abby's just not herself. we'll talk when you get here." so of course i'm freaking out the whole way up! apparently she had been screaming bloody murder for a while and NOTHING would soothe her. this is not like her! she's usually very happy and when she cries, it doesn't take much to comfort her. when i got there, abigail was very upset and i just grabbed her and held her. dr ahmed was late coming in today b/c he had a drs appt but as soon as he got there he looked at her and agreed that something wasn't quite right. he ordered a CBC and another type of blood thing. the CBC came back normal but the other one came back the slightest bit high (5 or above would show concern, hers was 1.4.) he asked if i had seen any changes in her and i said ABSOLUTELY! we went over what i have seen in her (low energy, very lethargic, not alert, pale, brady epidodes, desat episodes, etc) and with my observations added to his chart stuff, he decided to go ahead and start some antibiotics and move her back into the more intensive care nursery. he put her on a nasal canula to help with her desats, took her off feedings for the next few days, put an IV back in, and told us to prepare ourselves for a blood transfusion tomorrow. he also took a chest x-ray to make sure her lungs were doing alright. it looked great. so that was good.

so we moved her into the other room and when they were about to start her IV, lisa (her nurse - one of my favorites) said it would probably be better if i waited outside. well, i just fell apart at that! i didn't want to leave abigail. so she made an exception to their rule and let me stay, after all i had been with abigail all day long at this point! it took 4 sticks to get her IV going. the nurses tried 3 times and finally went and got dr ahmed to do the 4th one. abigail is so worn out that she really didnt' even flinch at the first 3 sticks. it wasn't until the 4th that she cried. i was really happy to hear that cry, though! it meant that she realized what was going on!!!

all in all, dr ahmed said there is no threat to her life right now. this is normal preemie stuff. he told us that ALL DAY LONG! and i believe him. it's just wierd and scary for us right now b/c we haven't had any of this before. i am completely wasted and exhausted from today. i have been an emotional wreck since before i got there! then just going through the whole thing was overwhelming. i didn't want to leave her at all tonight, but i know i need to rest up and take care of myself as well. but i just want to be with her at her bedside. they did let me hold her for all but about 1 1/2 hrs of the 8 hrs i was there. that was comforting.

so there's my update. i have a peace that she is going to be okay. i know she will. this is just something that she is going to have to go through. and it is normal. just pray for her to make it through this time as quickly as possible and that she will be back to her normal self soon. and for strength for me and robert as we walk this with her.


JamieAmber said...

Jill I am praying for Abby - God is the great healer and will be with her! Love you

Jamie Satterlee said...

Oh, Jill. We'll certainly be praying for Abby and also for you and Robert.

Kathy said...

Jill, As always our love, thoughts and most of all prayers are with little Abby. Keep us posted! Love you all!

sarah jewett clarke said...

jill, i am so sorry that you all are going through such a difficult time. i'll be praying for abby to get through this quickly and for you and robert to be comforted through it all. i love you all!