Tuesday, October 09, 2007

i got new fish yesterday. i didn't know that angel fish could be in a freshwater tank, but lo and behold, i got 'em!! i also got another betta as my other one didn't last the move from one room to the other. it's amazing how fickle they are!

in other news, i got a full-time temporary job at the corps today! the receptionist who was there quit and they asked if i would come fill in until abigail is born. i can honestly say that i never thought i'd be excited to be a receptionist, but i am just so bored and tired of being alone all day! this will be good. so wednesday (after recordings for sing praise are over) i will be the new corps receptionist. WOO HOOO! (yes this meant i had to call the 2 families i was working extremely part time for, but this, i feel, is more important and better for me at this point in time!)

here's to god looking out for us!!!!!

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