Tuesday, October 23, 2007

had a great dr appt today!! i'm still holding steady at 3 cm, even though i've had about a bazillion contractions since friday! so i'm really happy about that! abigail sounds and looks great! again, happy about that! my dr did up my meds to every 4 hours instead of every 6, which is kinda upsetting, but hey, what are ya gonna do!?

i lost 2 lbs again...not sure how that's happening but it's the 2nd time i've lost 2 lbs between appts in a row. now my net weight gain is 8 lbs. not fabulous, but my drs aren't too worried yet. if i lose again at my appt next wednesday, then they may start worrying. the thing is, all i eat is junk food! how am i not gaining anything?! wierd...

after my dr appt i went to lunch with robert, bernie, laura, nick, roberta, and marty. it was SOOOOOOOOOOO nice to be out in public, feeling like a part of society again! but now i'm back in my "solitary confinement" (as some people call it) until next wednesday!

laura came over last night a cut my hair --- which felt SOOO nice! i owe her big time!!! maybe i'll put a pic up later...or you can check the video site if you're really that interested.

YAY for a good day! now it's off to sleep, since i got none last night!

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Alena said...

Congrats! Praying for the safe arrival of your precious baby girl!