Wednesday, October 31, 2007

alright. weekly dr appt update:

still dilated to 3 but found out today that i am also 50% effaced. that freaked me out a bit, seeing as they hadn't told me that before!! but apparently i've been like that since i went into labor. so i seriously am halfway there!!! i asked if he thought i would go early and he said, "your guess is as good as mine. what do you think?" i, of course, said no. he says, "well, i don't think you will either!" when will she make her big debut!??! i wish i knew! i'll be 30 weeks on new goal is Thanksgiving Day, if i pass up 32 weeks.

i've had a LOT of contractions today and i've had a lot of uncomfortable-ness along with them. not pain, really. i actually thought it was pressure in my lower abdomen, but apparently it's not. (so my next question is what does real pressure feel like then!?)

on the weight thing, i haven't gained or lost. i'm still what i was last week, which means i've net gained 8 lbs to this point. i was worried about it, but my dr assured me that as long as abigail is growing - which she is - my weight is fine. WHEW!!! less to lose later on!!!!!

alrighty, that's it for the dr! i went to erin's after my appt and since i can't drive, she brought me home. it was nice spending a good chunk of the day with her and the kids. amber and ava completely crack me up and andrew is good at breaking all my baby gear in! he was the first in my car seat and today he took a nap in my crib. i should have got a picture of it, but alas, i did not. shame on me.

abigail has taken to liking to camp out in my right ribs. and can i just tell you that IT HURTS!??!?! it's like she pushing my ribs with everything she's got! and i can't get her to move! not comfortable in the slightest!!!

wendy and roni are coming over tonight which i am COMPLETELY stoked about! i miss them both and am excited to see them! i can't wait to see wendy's preggo self!!!

alrighty, have a fabulous rest of haloween!!!!!

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