Sunday, September 09, 2007

so we're back in augusta. robert's mom called friday night and said that his dad was taken to the hospital for high potassium levels. he had a whole crazy slew of tests done yesterday and hopefully we'll get some results on those today. but seeing as it's sunday, it's not guaranteed. so we're not completely sure how long we'll be here. but whatever it is, prayers would be appreciated.

in other news, i LOVE this picture from amanda's site and had to steal it. i miss both of them!!!


elizabeth said...

Hey girl, praying for you guys!

Jamie said...

Jill, I am going to Augusta with work this week I leave tomorrow so let me know if you all need anything from Atlanta - facebook it to me! I am praying for Robert's dad.

sarah jewett clarke said...

hey...praying for you guys and roberts family!