Sunday, September 30, 2007

my belly is changing. now, i know that seems like an obvious statement, but literally it changed overnight!! when i went to bed last night, i wasn't quite as "popped" as i was when i woke up! i seem to be somewhat more round. here's a look:

and i can no longer see my feet:

we have been getting our room ready for abigail the past few days. living with mom, we only have limited space in which the 3 of us can live! so lots of organization is needed! but we are definitely moving into the "getting ready to bring her home" phase of this pregnancy! it's really strange, but exciting as the same time!! here's my favorite part of our organization so far:

alright. i'll get off the baby stuff for now! i'm off to bed!!!


Kristina said...

too cute!

elizabeth said...

i see you guys moved rooms! you settled in it yet?